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Are you a teacher or do you know a teacher who wants to do, feel or be better?


I'm a Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Coach for teachers and education staff. I am also a teacher.

As The Teacher's Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Coach I coach education professionals to create sustainable habit change to transform their health, to DO better, FEEL better and BE better. I provide the system, the support and the accountability for my clients to replace existing dysfunctional health limiting habits with new and sustainable health enhancing ones. 

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Life not what you want it to be? Want more energy? Less stress? Fitter? Thinner? Happier? Your first session is FREE. Find out if we can help. What have you got to lose? 

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Phone and internet coaching


Coaching sessions can be done wherever you may be! On holidays, interstate, overseas ... no problem!! Loads of clients love the flexibility that phone and internet coaching can provide! 

Wishing to be happier, less stressed, more energised, won't get you there. Action is the solution. High return low investment action is even better! Better still, no need to travel, find parking, or even leave your location.

Wherever you are ... Do it for you! 

Do it for those you love!