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The 6 Fitnesses


Tenacity Health Coaching takes a holistic approach and works collaboratively with the client. Together we look at the whole and all of its parts of what makes us human. These parts I call the six fitnesses. They are: 

  • Physical Fitness - Movement, Balance, Flexibility, Strength, Power, Energy
  • Financial Fitness - Earning capacity, Independence, Lifestyle, Prosperity
  • Social Fitness - Relationships, Interpersonal Skills
  • Cognitive Fitness - Thinking, Learning, Reasoning, Rationalising, Decision Making
  • Moral Fitness - Beliefs, Values, Religion, Culture, Law
  • Emotional Fitness - Feelings, Moods, Intrapersonal skills, Regulation 

Tenacity Health Coaching is the difference between wanting, wishing, dreaming and thinking of functioning better to actually doing it. I support my clients to identify their goals and potential, then anchor the motivation to the goals and provide the support necessary for clients to create their own personal actions steps to sustainable success.

​All services are confidential, non-judgmental, empowering, motivating and aimed at helping individuals and organisations to gain the confidence and skills to implement sustainable functional improvement.

By using the Tenacity Health Coaching three pillars to success. Think of them as the three legs of a stool. If any one is taken away, the stool will fall over. 

The pillars to success are:

  • The SYSTEM - I use a proven, evidence based, simple and effective system to create healthy habits. 
  • SUPPORT - I provide support to clients throughout the process.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Clients are kept accountable to their actions via weekly check ins, reflection and the completion of actions steps. 

Coming events


Got FOMO? Never fear, we've got you covered. 


JULY: THE PUSH UP CHALLENGE. Join us to shine a light on mental health in Australia. 3,128 push-ups to represent the number of lives lost in Australia through suicide in 2017.

Got a challenge suggestion, let us know your idea (via the FIND OUT MORE TAB below) and who knows, we may just take your challenge!  


8-9 March 2019


[See News below for details.]

It was both brutal and beautiful. Two Ultra marathons in two days, back to back. I ran from Canberra to Moruya on the NSW South Coast. The run was to raise awareness of the impact of stress upon our health and wellbeing. 


Follow my progress as I continue to accumulate kilometers run which then add together to my virtual run around Australia. Since starting the race in December 2016, I've accumulated 3260km which has me now well into the Northern Territory!

For more info here's the link:  www.rundownunder.com.au

Teacher Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Coaching Pilot Program was conducted during Term 3, 2018. The inaugural 10 week program was conducted face to face with a group of teachers all at the one school here in the ACT. The results were incredible. 100% of participants self evaluated a huge positive shift in their holistic health and wellbeing rating. Are you interested in a similar program at your school? Contact me if you would like to chat about making that happen. 

0411 056 605

This is the start to a new paradigm where staff come first in order to increase student outcomes. 


Just delivered a Men's Health session to a local NSW council. Great to see businesses caring for their people.  

Current deals


Are you a teacher? Do you work in a school or Education system, let me know and you could receive a 20% discount on your first booking. So if you book for a one off casual session or the 5, 10 or 20 sessions options, the first booking no matter the duration will receive a 20% discount! 

Looking for a TQI idea that is different, and guaranteed to enhance your practise? 


Are you struggling with your mental health and wellbeing? Can't afford to do anything about it? My question to you is: Can you afford not to?







Intake for End of Year Summer School 5 week phone and internet coaching applications now open. Hurry, limited places available! 

Call 0411 056 605 and quote Summer for a 10% discount! 



In my quest to reach and support more teachers everywhere, I've just joined the Wellness Leadership Academy! Look out globe, here comes The Teachers' Wellbeing Coach! 

Tenacity Health Coaching proudly supports beyondblue and White Ribbon Australia. A percentage of all profit goes directly to these wonderful organisations. 

50 Blood donations done! They say each donation saves 3 lives ... That is 150 lives saved! I'm proudly attending a Donor Recognition Celebration where I'll here from recipients and donors alike about their journey. It promises to be an inspiring evening. 

Canberra to the Coast Run

I did it! With my previous furthest run being 50km, I had no idea if I could successfully run 85km one day and then back it up to run another 70km the next. If I could, that would be two ultra marathons back to back over just two days. All done to raise awareness of Teacher Health and Wellbeing and to shine a positive light on Teachers everywhere. 

See the link below for Canberra Times news article. 




So .. you want to know more huh ... ?

Contact me to arrange a FREE Health Health Coaching 'find out what its all about" session. 

Ask any and all questions with me face to face or via phone, email or online using Facebook messenger or Zoom. Both are free!  

0411 056 605


Q. Can the coaching be conducted over the phone?

A. Sure can! It can also be done via Zoom or FB messenger. 

Q. Is it necessary for me to come to your office?

A. Nope. If you prefer face to face coaching, we negotiate a location suitable to us both. I've conducted plenty of coaching sessions whilst bushwalking, sitting by the lake, and in cafes and of course schools.

Q. Can this count toward my professional learning hours?

A. So far I've not had anyone tell me they couldn't. It is teacher identified PL.


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